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The Health Executives’ Club (HEC) was originally founded as the “Hospital Executives’ Club” in 1958, and realizing the expansive nature of health and human services systems in caring for communities within the New York metropolitan area, the members of the Club adopted a name more inclusive and representative of the ever evolving changes in the health care and human services fields –  “The Healthcare Executives’ Club” (HEC)


HEC was the brainchild of the late Arthur L. Stern, a noted Hospital Administrator and Health Care Consultant.  Arthur, along with fellow hospital administrators Henry Karpe, Daniel Fruchter, Harold Schneider and George Miller, converted their informal monthly dinners at neighborhood restaurants into an established, not for profit, professional membership association.  They envisioned the Healthcare Executives’ Club as a forum for executives and related professionals within the health and human services delivery systems to assist each other in addressing the pertinent issues of the day and solving problems particular to operations designed for the care of communities.

In time, the Healthcare Executives’ Club became a prominent professional association within the local region, where members from New York City, Westchester and Long Island joined together in membership to promote collegial, educational, networking and social activities.  Each month, throughout each year, the members have had the opportunity to experience contemporary and relevant programs for their professional development, while enjoying delicious evening meals hosted by different health care and affiliated organizations.  The educational and social benefits of the Club has not only enhanced the knowledge, skills and resources of the membership, but in many instances, has led to life-long friendships among the members.

Highly regarded for qualities and principles that facilitate fellowship, leadership, professional development and community service, the Healthcare Executives’ Club has maintained a perspective that is current in the ever evolving environment of health and human services – still remaining true to a tradition of ethical and mission driven commitments.  Today, the Healthcare Executives’ Club continues as a significant professional association representing a diverse membership from all sectors of the health and human services delivery system and striving to provide the members with meaningful programs and activities that exemplify the value of their professional association.  This includes intrinsic learning experiences, academic, provider and other organizational affiliations, community service projects and of course, the ongoing opportunities for the membership to engage with each other and helpful resources in the field.

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