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The Healthcare Executives' Club (HEC), founded in 1958, is a professional membership association dedicated to providing its members with a forum that contributes to their contemporary and relevant knowledge within the administration, management and organizational delivery of health care and human services.  Among other guiding principles, the Healthcare Executives’ Club promotes and communicates the values and ethics associated with effective leadership qualities in the provision of health and human services for diverse populations and communities.


The HEC, a not for profit organization, began through the common interest of several hospital administrators seeking a means to share meaningful experiences, provide learning for professional development and give the opportunity for fellowship and networking among colleagues within the Greater New York City area.  Over time, the Club’s membership expanded to include administrative/management and other professional executives responsible for, and giving service to, the operations in different sectors of the health care and human services delivery systems.  In fact, recognizing the changing nature of service delivery, as well as the many different positions involved with the management and operation of today’s health care and human services, the Club’s membership has grown to represent professionals from inpatient, ambulatory care, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, home care, social services, behavioral health, supportive consultants/vendors and many other parts of the health care and human services delivery systems.


With a commitment to preserving the HEC’s traditional mission for collegial education, as well as social and professional development among members from multiple leadership positions and organizations providing for the health and human services of local populations, the Healthcare Executives’ Club conducts a schedule of meetings with educational and professional development programs throughout each year.  The regular meetings with the general membership keeps all members apprised of the Club’s ongoing activities and benefits, while fostering relationships during dinner gatherings with the members and presenting  programs to facilitate knowledge and skills among the membership.  Speakers and panels of experts in different aspects of the health and human service delivery environment address topics with information specifically pertinent to the learning and career development needs of the HEC’s membership.  The Club also compliments these educational programs with membership participation in social/holiday gatherings, community/charity endeavors and collaborative projects with academic institutions and other professional associations.


Through the leadership of its Executive Committee and Committees charged with membership, program and other responsibilities, the Healthcare Executives’ Club sustains a vigorous and active organization for carrying out the membership’s year round activities.  This includes assuring the Club is always progressive, contemporary and dynamic for the benefit of the membership and the HEC’s programs, often given at suitable provider locations in the metropolitan area, reflect the latest interests for enhancing the competency of professionals in the field.

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