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March 2017 

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Impact of the New Federal Administration on Providers of Post-Acute/Long Term Care Services

April 2017

Population Health - as a Concept for Today's Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Other Providers in the Health Care Delivery System

May 2017

Current and Future Programs in the Continuum of Care for the Emerging Population of Children and Young Adults Transitioning into Adulthood with Special Health Care Needs

June 2017

Contractual and Operational Strategies to Assure the Effective Provision of Services under Value Based Payment Arrangements in the Continuum of Care

July 2017

Summer Social @ Dominican Village

Sept 2017

Building Exceptional Teams to Boost Staff Development, Engagement and Leadership in the Delivery of Patient/Resident Care

Oct 2017

The Newest Issues in Corporate Compliance and Managing the Potential Risks for Staff in the Health Care Services Organization

Nov 2017

Operational Issues for the Provision of Services within the Changing Relationship of the Hospital and Continuing Care Providers

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