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The Healthcare Executives' Club (HEC), founded in 1958, is a professional membership association dedicated to providing its members with an educational and collegial forum that contributes to their contemporary and relevant knowledge within the administration, management and organizational delivery of healthcare and human services. Among other guiding principles, the Healthcare Executives' Club promotes and communicates the values and ethics associated with effective leadership qualities in the provision of health and human services for diverse populations and communities.




In this time of ever developing precautions, we recognize the challenges that you and all your colleagues in the field of health care and human services are experiencing due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we commend the work being done by health care professionals and their respective organizations to ensure services are available for everyone within the local communities they serve.


The Executive Committee of the Healthcare Executives' Club, taking into account the advice from our government agencies, wanted to let you know of the upcoming plans for our professional  association.  


The Healthcare Executives' Club has postponed monthly Membership Meetings and Programs until we learn that they are once again permitted and safe.  We will, however, continue our communication with you and make preparations for upcoming professional activities.   This includes notices of pertinent developments and helpful information from the HEC, and to provide further educational forums, we are looking into the potential to offer contemporary programs by way of a webinar format.   


In addition and in the spirit of our professional association's commitment to community service and public health, some of our members have asked how they can be of help to many of you providing services during this challenging time.  So if you or your health care services organization could benefit from the assistance of our members (even voluntarily), please let us know.


We have always been grateful for your support of the Healthcare Executives' Club and are very pleased to extend ourselves in support of the work and service being given by all of our members and guests.  As professionals in the health care and human services field, your training, skills and competence are essential to assure the general population's care regarding the Novel Coronavirus.


Thank you for your commitment and service.  We wish you the very best and look forward to hearing from you.



Dennis H. Conway

President - Healthcare Executives' Club

Phone: 516-519-0203